Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Move On


yeah it has been a while.i need to clear off my blog from the 'so called' spider web *grin*

I hope everyone who reads my blog are enjoying their is too short to get bored okayyy!

so where shall I start my story???okay here let's start with my busy hectic week which is the 1st week of August...I need to settle things in my previous Hospital-Kuala Terengganu General Hospital before transfer to Hospital Duchess of Kent,Sabah,collecting all the documents including settling the car shipping part etc lists go is bring back my Myvi to USJ...helping my cousin's wedding ceremony on the to Kota Kinabalu on 9th..registered to JKNS on to Sandakan on 11th and reporting there..goshhh!!so many things happened in just one week!

and coming to a new place means I need to find house for rent and I need a car for transport,pheww,what a challenge!!!

after about 3 weeks plus here with 2 weeks of tagging in the department,Alhamdulillah our life getting stable :)

so here i attached few pictures during Zaki and Hanim's usual being the bridesmaid as long as Im not being the bride.haha!

*with 'le cousin*

and of course the bridesmaids can't leave the stage without any picture..

the never ending happy moment with cousins!

the wedding ceremony was held at Bangi Golf Resort (again!this is the 4th time the grandchildren of Tg Embong and Tg Zainun did their wedding ceremony here)..i guess next time we should ask for discount price then,haha.

on the 9th it self everyone is leaving Bangi Lake Hill Villa since we all have our own is like gathering all the family members..and I sincerely missing those times..I miss bringing my little cousins to the shopping complex,treating them with food/any gifts..basically family is my priority among all :)

Im not in this picture since Im on the plane directing to Kota Kinabalu *crying out loud*

the last flight on that day which is going to depart to Kuala Terengganu other than USJ and Taman Melati,hehe.

lets move on to Sabah land...yeah,safely landed in Kota Kinabalu on 9th..and of course we need to try the seafood.Sabah is rich of seafood!!I pray secretly that I won't get gout in the future for having too many seafood,haha.

below is seafood meals which we tried in Sandakan..

we stayed for 2 days in Kota Kinabalu and spend about 4 days in the FourPoints by Sheraton in Sandakan while we hunting for rent house.

*happy moments*

another seafood and us!!LOLzzz...

the view from 13th floor of Sheraton...i found its funny when an AGE (acute gastroenteritis) patient who actually comes to Sandakan because she saw a picture of swimming pool level is on the same height with the sea level on the internet.She is just 10 years old and came all the way from Tawau because of this picture!She told her mom,she got cheated!haha,so cute :p

*this is the picture she got cheated i guess-credit to my Samsung S3 Mini*

a nice view at the Harbour..the are so many islands in front..and when one of my friend was asking where is Pulau Sipadan..all of us just burst into laughter!
(just some random question i guess since she asked it innocently)

to make it short,Im currently working in the Emergency thing which excites me is actually Sabah ED having flying doctors.sometime we need to travel with helicopters to reach remote area.but of course we need a proper training before travel with heli okay!

till then we will meet again some other time...just so you guys know it,I personally think life is about travelling and sacrifaction.just move on and enjoy every moment or every steps ahead,In Sha Allah everything should be okay as long as you being positive all the way.



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