Saturday, July 4, 2015

A Story from Small House


Happy Ramadhan Kareem to all Muslims.yes i know i have been silence from posting any entries from the past few months,luckily not years ahead!!

well nothing new about me and the job except i will be pursue my Medical Officer period somewhere other than Terengganu state for which i need to leave my beloved Grandma here with my other not revealing previously why would i choose to serve my HO-ship in Terengganu rather than in KL/Selangor.yes the real reason is because i want to take care of both my grandparents thinking that both of them staying alone together,who is going to look after them etc (yeah,you know a little bit life crisis especially for girls like me who really love to think years forward)

and i feel my decision is not wrong at all since 6 months after staying with the grandparents,my arwah Tokki left us in January 2014.therefore my grandma is gonna be staying alone if nobody comes and stay with her.i was busy with my own schedule (Houseman means no time for themselves and other people,haha)...i felt so relieved knowing that my other 2 cousins are willing to stay and look after her at the same time.Alhamdulillah.

but apart from that,i just can't stay in big city since there are so many heavy traffic jam.for me,traffic jam is such a wasting time and i hate that,so its better for me to stay in less traffic places.

so what is the real story from small house?

its just some part of my real life story to be shared with all of parents house in USJ,me staying with grandma in Kuala Terengganu..yeah sort of Nomad...well i have been always staying away from home since i was 13 years old.and now my parents having another house in added places for being Nomad!so just imagine where would i spend over the night if i fly back to USJ?another life crisis,haha...

BUT then,i enjoyed it!!!

my grandmum's house is quite small,the important part of the house is,NO STAIRS!! i dont have to climb to reach my bedroom:).....super duper lazy houseman post call will think of lying on the bed only and climbing stairs is such bothersome you know!

during last 1st Ramadhan,my auntie Umi Ah came back to Terengganu with her kids.she made us full with her best dishes ever!and my other auntie who stays in Ketengah Jaya,Umi poh also spend Ramadhan together with all of us plus grandma at Batu Buruk.while the other way around,my family and my other auntie Umi Na with her family were  spending their time together breakfasting at Bangi.this is what happens later in our family Whats app group--->everyone is busy sharing the picture of dishes for break fasting!!!yeah..totally havoc,haha.well that is my family and im very proud of seems that all of us in the family are really genetic-running-nomad :))

once i've told my auntie that sometime i told the story of our family to my friends and staff nurses,most of them really surprised the way we living.haha.

there goes the reply:

"our house may looks small,but the content is fun and happy enough to live long we are happy,is it more than enough to keep us move on"

here is the lesson:MONEY can't buy HAPPINESS.yes i agree 100% with that.

here are picture live from Makkah 2 days ago,my parents are currently performing their Umrah.

till then,to all Muslims,lets us do the best for this fasting month,performing 'Tarawikh' every night and do lots of good deeds to gain reward.happy Ramadhan again!


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