Saturday, January 10, 2015




happy new year to all!may this 2015 bring us joy and happiness :)

here are just short post from me apart from wishing you guys new year.

its always be the same situation like the past few at 12AM on every 1st Jan,my eyes will shut down.haha.dont know exact reason.i was one of the excited person on this earth trying to hold my eyes open so that i can watch the fireworks at least.but mission always FAILED!
which means im already doze off....zzzzz

i noticed that me myself quite fashionblindnista.hehe.yeah one of the strongest excuses,because i dont have time to put on make up,matching clothes/shoes in the the final decision will be like let be simple and neat!

lucky me that i dont have to be worriesome to take care of the skin since its really easy to be taken care of, no facial spa,face mask,what so ever related to facial care for me.all this while i just make sure my skin moist (dry means itchy and painful=irritating).that makes why i do have a lots of lotion collection :)

my wardobe is pretty long as im comfortable wearing it,the clothes with remain my favourite girls dont worry,being simple also can attract guys,trust me!dont make yourself looks really complicated ok.put aside the make up (oh yeah plus the 360 degree camera),show people the real you.

im currently enjoying my 5th posting in emergency department (ED)...ill be having another 5months to complete my housemanship!wehooo...and something is waiting for me at then end of my HO,hehe.of course travelling with bestie :))) (as a booster to complete my internship)

so here i attached along my picture with the pretty background.

and again happy 2015!


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