Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Lady's Table


hi all!it was almost 5 months i did not update my blog..not really that busy since im currently posted in Orthopaedics Department,i do have quite ample time yeah but still im just too lazy to type,haha ;)

time flies very fast these days,and i just realised,im already in the 4th posting for which is going to finish soon.next posting in sha Allah Emergency Department!
(done my department presentation and viva,yeay!!!)
someone said to me,in emergency,after came back from work,sleep,wake up,eat and the cycle keeps going repeating till posting ended.hurm.sounds hectic and tough.
whatever it is,i need to finish all the posting,completed all the requirement till i have the full registration number from MMC.next chapter let me think thoroughly first if i want to pursue being a doctor or finding another job.maybe.

so lets discuss about other thing non related to hospital.

since im a LADY which is still growing up...my top priority will be like:how do i look today?
i admit most of the times i dont care much about my appearance and what others think about me,a lady still a lady.

introducing the so called my 'make up table'...

me myself not a fond of any make up products.all these while i did applied powder foundation cake with lip balm.simple.cause i believe SIMPLE IS PRETTY!

and of course my favourite perfumes always be BODYSHOP!i did tried other brands of perfume,unfortunately either i could'nt stand the too strong fragrance or the fragrance does not suit me quite well.

LADY always have their own favourite and product.for some women they do love stick to one product while me love to change and do trial&error for few times.

since HIMALAYA product is originally comes from the place where i pursued my study,i highly recommend this product especially for those who have sensitive type of skin.for my opinion,ladies out there can applied make up as much as they want ONLY IF they are having smooth skin.so girls,go and try Himalaya Toner if you want to try too (my blog not a product testimoni/promoter okay)

so here i listed my beauty care products along with the brand i love to use!

perfume:vote for BODYSHOP
(favourite fragrance:vanilla)
* pssttt..i have quite lots of perfumes in my collection,haha!

another choice of perfume:vote for VICTORIA SECRET
(favourite fragrance:red plum)
*since victoria secret is on of the company donate fund to the Zionis,i cut off this brand!
even body shop too,but i will try to find another local product/brand to substitute them.

toner:vote for HIMALAYA
-this actually costly,but i dont mind to buy it since the quality is 5star!it works for my skin at least!
*i applied toner night before i went for sleep so that my skin is will be in really good condition on the next day*

powder cake foundation:vote for MAYBELLINE
-even i have to find substitute product,another company supports Zionis.sigh.im a big fan of maybelline product okay!and i do love their lipstick.i tried for ZA product but i dont really like it,feels something does not right somewhere.silkygirl is quite okay to replace maybelline.hurm.

body lotion:vote for VASELINE
(favourite fragrance:cocoa butter)
and i do love johnsons&jonhsons till now,well another product to cut off too!
*i have stocks of lotion in my collection too,hehe*

deodorant:vote for NIVEA
*this brand always be in the top of my list!!*

do you know what,right now im kind of understand the feeling of being a LADY.half of the make up table is full of beauty care products!!!haha.but me with  my OCD-ness,i still keep the table neat and tidy or else i cant sleep at night!

i realised something,most of the beauty products listed above,are of big supporters for Zionis.and for that,i need to find my own way to pleased myself with favourite brand replacement/substitution.well that is at least i can do for my brothers and sisters in Palestin.im not living in this world to be selfish,living in my own world,not thinking about others out there which in need.BOYCOTT.lets boycott till the end.tackle their main source of economy and i believe we will be able to reduce the fund to Zionis slowly.

i rather keep my mind busy to promote BOYCOTT campaign rather than involve in 'I WANT TO TOUCH  A DOG CAMPAIGN'.hurm.well everyone can voice out their opinion,but for me i stick with Quran and Sunnah stating that is strictly forbidden to touch dogs/pigs.(unless you have a rigid reason for which im not in the position to explain further)

the most disappointing part is when i saw Muslims hold and touch the dogs...some were very proud and uploaded their photo in Facebook & Instagram!!Oh My Allah,what has actually happened??i still believe my sisters out there who wears hijab dont have quite well enough knowledge especially in Akidah and Fiqh.so well SISTERS lets do some research,attend religious classes,read a lot (especially Quran).its quite painful seeing them on hijab while holding dog.*im speechless*
it is like seeing a Muslimah on hijab holding a glass of beer.almost similar.

im not the one who is in right position to judge them.me myself not even perfect.so that is why i said that HIJAB these days is all about wrapping themselves in nice shawl but not truly covering the 'AURAH'.we Muslimah need to carry ourselves with a good attitude and proper way of covering 'aurah'.deep down inside,i pray so that all Muslims who involved in the campaign will be forgiven by Him.whatever it is,we Muslims are still LACK in lots of issues especially regarding 'akidah'.

after all,please do remember my Muslims brothers and sisters,we are having role living in this world.we act as Caliph and Daie.so lets start our part/role this coming 'Maal Hijrah'.

here is my picture with my witty,naughty and cute cousin's daughter,Irdina Humaira.aunty Farah loves when you are around cause i can kiss you-she dont mind though.haha!

*picture was taken during last Eiduladha*

last but not least,SALAM MAAL HIJRAH to all Muslims.
together we build a better and respected ummah,in sha Allah.


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