Sunday, May 18, 2014

May Celebrations


finally I make myself free to update this blog,yes i admit that sometimes when the lazy syndrome comes,i could not resists it existence,haha.please excuse me for that.most of the times after working hours i would feed my stomach first before going to bed,hence there is no time for networking at all.

people will be wondering then what did i do on my off day??


*a doctor can't just give up easily with reading huh??*

reading is actually one of my hobbies (such a nerd lady,aha) actually my obsession.just give me any reading materials and i literally will sit down and i will be definitely in my own world :)

introducing my favourite magazine.a great combo for someone who loves to travel like me!
(thinking when i can travel again!!! working without a break is so stressful)


for me,reading this actually helps me to get out from my routine life everyday...quite a therapy.i subscribed this magazine for 3 years at least along with other 2 magazines (times and health today).
its quite difficult to find reading materials in english in Terengganu..and people here rarely speaks in grammar is almost gone too!well thats why it is really good to practice a language by reading/conversation/writing essay.

May is full of celebrations for the ladies...mothers day/teachers day/labours day and 26yrs old 3 days today.All praise goes to HIM for blessed my life with a lot of beautiful people surrounding me and for giving me a great life.i worked during my birthday,no cake/no celebrations/no surprises...haha,quite a dull day.yes i dont really like to make it like a big day since im not a bimbo girl.a prayer is far more than enough.

i pray for better things will come in the future,being a better person,and for sure saving a lot of money so that i can TRAVEL!!!i just love backpacking :))

birthday means getting older and to make me looks younger,please stick to 360 degree products k :P

*selfie to prove that the product actually works!*

*please excuse my 'tudung senget'*

i have got so many questions from people who are actually wondering what kind of skin product i used to make skin be truth i dont stick to one product and im quite stingy to spend money to take  care of the skin..yup I just use lotions ( variable collection of lotions,dont mention it! i prefer vaseline lotion since my skin is quite dry) and toner if i feel free enough to apply it over the face,most of the times quite lucky since the acne does not grows on the face,it grows at weird places such as earlobe and it spells ANNOYING!!haha..

for mummies out there,practice to drink a lot of soya milk during pregnancy,and your kids will have good skin (like me,ehem..that is what my mum did when she got pregnant for me)..i dont use chemical products a lot such as skin essence or what so ever,i just used 'bedak sejuk' to 'kill' the acne!hehe..and it works for me :)

i dont apply any make up on my face especially while working,i just applied Maybelline smooth foundation cake and sometimes put on lip balm (seriously not in the mood of painting my face early in the morning)..when apply too much make up your face will be looking much older than your real age,that is what i careful ladies,just apply light powder is enough.
*dont be surprise if i said that i dont actually knows how to put on eyeliner..errr*

i just love Maybelline products not just because the brand itself but the purpose just fit with its not oily,small packaging with reasonable there goes 4 stars for my favourite make up brand!

the important tips is,use a product which is suitable for your skin,dont let the brand win over your skin.its your skin and you know how to take care of it .be  SMART when choosing the beauty products.

and remember,dont make your skin only pretty and flawless,make sure your soul to spread a good vibes (beautiful heart) ,soon it will shown on your face okay!

till then,have a good and nice day ahead..


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