Saturday, January 4, 2014

It's New Year!


its already 2014!new year has come...finally 2013 already wrapped with full moments and memories:))
well,my new year eve always end up with dozing off,so no fireworks sightseeing this year (i believe this gonna be happen in the future too,haha)..came back from work around 1030PM,and its terengganu,definitely no celebration at all,how i wish at least any NGO's do a program for the youth,for example any talks/carnival nearby Batu Buruk beach.

me myself dont stick to any new year resolutions since i learned that everyday we need to renew our intention (niat),try to be a better Muslim each day and thats how our prophet Muhammad encourages us to practice right?

back to december a little while,i finally came back to KL after 5 months (from 23rd till 26th) since i started working in kuala terengganu,what a therapy!!!i came back for a quite big job on my cousin,aisyah's wedding,being the bridesmaids leader!!hahah,what a shame,im already 25,but still being offered for this kind of job :P

i reached BBB (short form we created for bandar baru bangi)  with my grandparents and aunty,staying at my aunty's house near bangi lakehill villa,well you can imagine when 1 whole family members are gathering,definitely havoc!yes,i do really love the moments,helping the aunties decorating 'hantaran',watching how they are so excited welcoming new member to our family,everything made by ourselves,from stitcthing the beads of the bridesmaids dress,packing the door gifts,listing joblists to everyone from ushering the guests,cameraman,parking guys,and so on..well good job and well done!!a big thanks to all the aunties and uncles for being awesome and fully prepared for the function!

here are some pictures during occassion,still have lots more in the collection,some videos already came up but im not sharing it here,may be that one is personal to be shared here:)

and yes i did gave ideas at least how to design the dress,i just saw the design from jovian's collections and show it to the tailor ( the dress was fully sponsored), plus self stitching beads which made the dress looks so fabulous!again,thank you aunties...

for the shawl,my cousins decided the cream colour to match with the dress,i use an indian silk shawl for myself since i felt comfy with that (bought from bangalore)..and one day before the wedding day i bought hairbands (looks like a pearl/beads) ,a simple way to look elegant and pretty!
*i brought along 5 cousins and did shopping at alamanda from morning till evening,woaaa!i grabbed a handbag worth RM 130 after discount,bought a pair of wedges from vincci,perfume from bodyshop God knows how much i shopped,haha*-may be thats the feeling after not going for shopping for a long time!

it was actually a quite long day to plan all these,but the most important is because everyone was into it made the wedding day really smooth sailing.definitely bridesmaids are the most awesome,heheh:))

well,aisyah is the first grand daughter who got married in the family even though im the eldest,one of the closest cousins since we grew up together,sharing laughters and tears in our childhood,sharing the same cooking set when we spend our school holiday at tok's house,wearing the same 'baju kurung' during raya and etc.time flies so fast,and she is already entitled with 'wife'.

wishing both of the newly weds couple,aisyah and her husband izwan 'selamat pengantin baru',may Allah bless you guys and may the relationship ends till jannah.welcome to the new family,izwan.
and yeah,today 4th jan is actually the bride's birthday!happy birthday ecah! *missing her 'teh tarik'*

lastly,happy new year to readers!2014 is a new page for us,so create it in beautiful way,worth to be remembered for long life:)


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