Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Move On


yeah it has been a while.i need to clear off my blog from the 'so called' spider web *grin*

I hope everyone who reads my blog are enjoying their is too short to get bored okayyy!

so where shall I start my story???okay here let's start with my busy hectic week which is the 1st week of August...I need to settle things in my previous Hospital-Kuala Terengganu General Hospital before transfer to Hospital Duchess of Kent,Sabah,collecting all the documents including settling the car shipping part etc lists go is bring back my Myvi to USJ...helping my cousin's wedding ceremony on the to Kota Kinabalu on 9th..registered to JKNS on to Sandakan on 11th and reporting there..goshhh!!so many things happened in just one week!

and coming to a new place means I need to find house for rent and I need a car for transport,pheww,what a challenge!!!

after about 3 weeks plus here with 2 weeks of tagging in the department,Alhamdulillah our life getting stable :)

so here i attached few pictures during Zaki and Hanim's usual being the bridesmaid as long as Im not being the bride.haha!

*with 'le cousin*

and of course the bridesmaids can't leave the stage without any picture..

the never ending happy moment with cousins!

the wedding ceremony was held at Bangi Golf Resort (again!this is the 4th time the grandchildren of Tg Embong and Tg Zainun did their wedding ceremony here)..i guess next time we should ask for discount price then,haha.

on the 9th it self everyone is leaving Bangi Lake Hill Villa since we all have our own is like gathering all the family members..and I sincerely missing those times..I miss bringing my little cousins to the shopping complex,treating them with food/any gifts..basically family is my priority among all :)

Im not in this picture since Im on the plane directing to Kota Kinabalu *crying out loud*

the last flight on that day which is going to depart to Kuala Terengganu other than USJ and Taman Melati,hehe.

lets move on to Sabah land...yeah,safely landed in Kota Kinabalu on 9th..and of course we need to try the seafood.Sabah is rich of seafood!!I pray secretly that I won't get gout in the future for having too many seafood,haha.

below is seafood meals which we tried in Sandakan..

we stayed for 2 days in Kota Kinabalu and spend about 4 days in the FourPoints by Sheraton in Sandakan while we hunting for rent house.

*happy moments*

another seafood and us!!LOLzzz...

the view from 13th floor of Sheraton...i found its funny when an AGE (acute gastroenteritis) patient who actually comes to Sandakan because she saw a picture of swimming pool level is on the same height with the sea level on the internet.She is just 10 years old and came all the way from Tawau because of this picture!She told her mom,she got cheated!haha,so cute :p

*this is the picture she got cheated i guess-credit to my Samsung S3 Mini*

a nice view at the Harbour..the are so many islands in front..and when one of my friend was asking where is Pulau Sipadan..all of us just burst into laughter!
(just some random question i guess since she asked it innocently)

to make it short,Im currently working in the Emergency thing which excites me is actually Sabah ED having flying doctors.sometime we need to travel with helicopters to reach remote area.but of course we need a proper training before travel with heli okay!

till then we will meet again some other time...just so you guys know it,I personally think life is about travelling and sacrifaction.just move on and enjoy every moment or every steps ahead,In Sha Allah everything should be okay as long as you being positive all the way.



Saturday, July 4, 2015

A Story from Small House


Happy Ramadhan Kareem to all Muslims.yes i know i have been silence from posting any entries from the past few months,luckily not years ahead!!

well nothing new about me and the job except i will be pursue my Medical Officer period somewhere other than Terengganu state for which i need to leave my beloved Grandma here with my other not revealing previously why would i choose to serve my HO-ship in Terengganu rather than in KL/Selangor.yes the real reason is because i want to take care of both my grandparents thinking that both of them staying alone together,who is going to look after them etc (yeah,you know a little bit life crisis especially for girls like me who really love to think years forward)

and i feel my decision is not wrong at all since 6 months after staying with the grandparents,my arwah Tokki left us in January 2014.therefore my grandma is gonna be staying alone if nobody comes and stay with her.i was busy with my own schedule (Houseman means no time for themselves and other people,haha)...i felt so relieved knowing that my other 2 cousins are willing to stay and look after her at the same time.Alhamdulillah.

but apart from that,i just can't stay in big city since there are so many heavy traffic jam.for me,traffic jam is such a wasting time and i hate that,so its better for me to stay in less traffic places.

so what is the real story from small house?

its just some part of my real life story to be shared with all of parents house in USJ,me staying with grandma in Kuala Terengganu..yeah sort of Nomad...well i have been always staying away from home since i was 13 years old.and now my parents having another house in added places for being Nomad!so just imagine where would i spend over the night if i fly back to USJ?another life crisis,haha...

BUT then,i enjoyed it!!!

my grandmum's house is quite small,the important part of the house is,NO STAIRS!! i dont have to climb to reach my bedroom:).....super duper lazy houseman post call will think of lying on the bed only and climbing stairs is such bothersome you know!

during last 1st Ramadhan,my auntie Umi Ah came back to Terengganu with her kids.she made us full with her best dishes ever!and my other auntie who stays in Ketengah Jaya,Umi poh also spend Ramadhan together with all of us plus grandma at Batu Buruk.while the other way around,my family and my other auntie Umi Na with her family were  spending their time together breakfasting at Bangi.this is what happens later in our family Whats app group--->everyone is busy sharing the picture of dishes for break fasting!!!yeah..totally havoc,haha.well that is my family and im very proud of seems that all of us in the family are really genetic-running-nomad :))

once i've told my auntie that sometime i told the story of our family to my friends and staff nurses,most of them really surprised the way we living.haha.

there goes the reply:

"our house may looks small,but the content is fun and happy enough to live long we are happy,is it more than enough to keep us move on"

here is the lesson:MONEY can't buy HAPPINESS.yes i agree 100% with that.

here are picture live from Makkah 2 days ago,my parents are currently performing their Umrah.

till then,to all Muslims,lets us do the best for this fasting month,performing 'Tarawikh' every night and do lots of good deeds to gain reward.happy Ramadhan again!


Saturday, January 10, 2015




happy new year to all!may this 2015 bring us joy and happiness :)

here are just short post from me apart from wishing you guys new year.

its always be the same situation like the past few at 12AM on every 1st Jan,my eyes will shut down.haha.dont know exact reason.i was one of the excited person on this earth trying to hold my eyes open so that i can watch the fireworks at least.but mission always FAILED!
which means im already doze off....zzzzz

i noticed that me myself quite fashionblindnista.hehe.yeah one of the strongest excuses,because i dont have time to put on make up,matching clothes/shoes in the the final decision will be like let be simple and neat!

lucky me that i dont have to be worriesome to take care of the skin since its really easy to be taken care of, no facial spa,face mask,what so ever related to facial care for me.all this while i just make sure my skin moist (dry means itchy and painful=irritating).that makes why i do have a lots of lotion collection :)

my wardobe is pretty long as im comfortable wearing it,the clothes with remain my favourite girls dont worry,being simple also can attract guys,trust me!dont make yourself looks really complicated ok.put aside the make up (oh yeah plus the 360 degree camera),show people the real you.

im currently enjoying my 5th posting in emergency department (ED)...ill be having another 5months to complete my housemanship!wehooo...and something is waiting for me at then end of my HO,hehe.of course travelling with bestie :))) (as a booster to complete my internship)

so here i attached along my picture with the pretty background.

and again happy 2015!


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Lady's Table


hi all!it was almost 5 months i did not update my blog..not really that busy since im currently posted in Orthopaedics Department,i do have quite ample time yeah but still im just too lazy to type,haha ;)

time flies very fast these days,and i just realised,im already in the 4th posting for which is going to finish posting in sha Allah Emergency Department!
(done my department presentation and viva,yeay!!!)
someone said to me,in emergency,after came back from work,sleep,wake up,eat and the cycle keeps going repeating till posting ended.hurm.sounds hectic and tough.
whatever it is,i need to finish all the posting,completed all the requirement till i have the full registration number from chapter let me think thoroughly first if i want to pursue being a doctor or finding another job.maybe.

so lets discuss about other thing non related to hospital.

since im a LADY which is still growing top priority will be like:how do i look today?
i admit most of the times i dont care much about my appearance and what others think about me,a lady still a lady.

introducing the so called my 'make up table'...

me myself not a fond of any make up products.all these while i did applied powder foundation cake with lip balm.simple.cause i believe SIMPLE IS PRETTY!

and of course my favourite perfumes always be BODYSHOP!i did tried other brands of perfume,unfortunately either i could'nt stand the too strong fragrance or the fragrance does not suit me quite well.

LADY always have their own favourite and product.for some women they do love stick to one product while me love to change and do trial&error for few times.

since HIMALAYA product is originally comes from the place where i pursued my study,i highly recommend this product especially for those who have sensitive type of skin.for my opinion,ladies out there can applied make up as much as they want ONLY IF they are having smooth girls,go and try Himalaya Toner if you want to try too (my blog not a product testimoni/promoter okay)

so here i listed my beauty care products along with the brand i love to use!

perfume:vote for BODYSHOP
(favourite fragrance:vanilla)
* pssttt..i have quite lots of perfumes in my collection,haha!

another choice of perfume:vote for VICTORIA SECRET
(favourite fragrance:red plum)
*since victoria secret is on of the company donate fund to the Zionis,i cut off this brand!
even body shop too,but i will try to find another local product/brand to substitute them.

toner:vote for HIMALAYA
-this actually costly,but i dont mind to buy it since the quality is 5star!it works for my skin at least!
*i applied toner night before i went for sleep so that my skin is will be in really good condition on the next day*

powder cake foundation:vote for MAYBELLINE
-even i have to find substitute product,another company supports a big fan of maybelline product okay!and i do love their lipstick.i tried for ZA product but i dont really like it,feels something does not right somewhere.silkygirl is quite okay to replace maybelline.hurm.

body lotion:vote for VASELINE
(favourite fragrance:cocoa butter)
and i do love johnsons&jonhsons till now,well another product to cut off too!
*i have stocks of lotion in my collection too,hehe*

deodorant:vote for NIVEA
*this brand always be in the top of my list!!*

do you know what,right now im kind of understand the feeling of being a LADY.half of the make up table is full of beauty care products!!!haha.but me with  my OCD-ness,i still keep the table neat and tidy or else i cant sleep at night!

i realised something,most of the beauty products listed above,are of big supporters for Zionis.and for that,i need to find my own way to pleased myself with favourite brand replacement/substitution.well that is at least i can do for my brothers and sisters in not living in this world to be selfish,living in my own world,not thinking about others out there which in need.BOYCOTT.lets boycott till the end.tackle their main source of economy and i believe we will be able to reduce the fund to Zionis slowly.

i rather keep my mind busy to promote BOYCOTT campaign rather than involve in 'I WANT TO TOUCH  A DOG CAMPAIGN'.hurm.well everyone can voice out their opinion,but for me i stick with Quran and Sunnah stating that is strictly forbidden to touch dogs/pigs.(unless you have a rigid reason for which im not in the position to explain further)

the most disappointing part is when i saw Muslims hold and touch the dogs...some were very proud and uploaded their photo in Facebook & Instagram!!Oh My Allah,what has actually happened??i still believe my sisters out there who wears hijab dont have quite well enough knowledge especially in Akidah and well SISTERS lets do some research,attend religious classes,read a lot (especially Quran).its quite painful seeing them on hijab while holding dog.*im speechless*
it is like seeing a Muslimah on hijab holding a glass of beer.almost similar.

im not the one who is in right position to judge myself not even that is why i said that HIJAB these days is all about wrapping themselves in nice shawl but not truly covering the 'AURAH'.we Muslimah need to carry ourselves with a good attitude and proper way of covering 'aurah'.deep down inside,i pray so that all Muslims who involved in the campaign will be forgiven by Him.whatever it is,we Muslims are still LACK in lots of issues especially regarding 'akidah'.

after all,please do remember my Muslims brothers and sisters,we are having role living in this world.we act as Caliph and lets start our part/role this coming 'Maal Hijrah'.

here is my picture with my witty,naughty and cute cousin's daughter,Irdina Humaira.aunty Farah loves when you are around cause i can kiss you-she dont mind though.haha!

*picture was taken during last Eiduladha*

last but not least,SALAM MAAL HIJRAH to all Muslims.
together we build a better and respected ummah,in sha Allah.


Friday, May 23, 2014



hi all..i just would like to share the reason why do i keep my blog in silent mode all this it is exactly 4 months since my grandfather (tokki) left us on 30/1/2014.

and yes im one of the person who actually knew what happened at least from A to Y (since there were few things i did not know,so i leave behind the alphabet Z)...

on the day itself,as usual i stepped out from house to go to work around 6.45AM..tok and tokki went out earlier to buy breakfast for themselves and for my family since they are coming back during chinese new year holidays (very typical malaysian,spending holidays by going back to their hometown)

i went for rounds at 7.45AM and sudddenly i received call from an emergency,a houseman from casualty called to inform that tokki was involved in heart almost stops beating,thinking what has happened/who hit him/what is the current condition and so on...directly i informed my senior to take leave for a while.definitely a serious matter.

one thing for sure,im worried about my grandmother (tok) since she have heart problems...i rushed towards emergency hoping that everything is under control..i met with tok at the entrance,seeing her shaking waiting for me since she did not bring any identification card.i assured tok that everything will be fine.lucky me that tok actually remember tok chik's house number (tok's sister) and few relatives already came to ED (emergency department) including tok mami (her another sister)

i went inside and met with the doctor who attends him that time,giving all the required history including medications he takes and past medical illness.i accompanied tokki during x ray and asked him if he is okay or not,tokki even told me dont tell anyone about the accident when i have already informed everyone through whats app.since i have few relatives in medical field,so definitely i have to update every single thing.

at first,everything was fine.the only thing is tokki had fracture both his legs,no active bleeding but he had right ear bleed,otoscopy done but could not see anything.starting from that the MO (medical officer) starts query that tokki looks pale and when the blood results came,his Hb (haemoglobin) drops from 12 to the team wants to proceed with CT scan since fast scan done,no free fluid seen.during that period the condition starts detoriate...his blood pressure starts to crush down to 94/60...60/40,sp02 too starts dropping to that moment i gave them to decide whats best for tokki since i busy contacting with relatives asking for permission if they allow to intubate (putting a tube inside the mouth to secure airway) ...*tokki already said that if something happened to him,he does not want to put any tube,inject him with anything,putting IV line because he said it is painful to face death with the condition,he told me 3 days before the incident*

when i came inside,tokki already brought to red zone from yellow zone means critical.the MO already told me earlier that actually tokki will survive for at least 24hrs.the rest might be quite shock with the statement.i cried thinking that i dont actually knows what to do..i called my mum and dad to come to hospital...when they came,a doctor explained to us that tokki had an episode of asystole (no pulse beat) ,so they were actually did CPR (chest compression),almost completed 1 cycle and mum told to stop as tokki told before-no chest compression for him.

tokki left us around 11.55 AM at red zone ED of hospital sultanah nur zahirah.all i can say,it was very FAST.not even 1 bag of blood able to finish and tokki already left us.the saddest person of course tok.lucky that she did not see how the accident happened (tokki was trying to cross the roads when a motorcycle suddenly hit him ) 
i did recite 'kalimah syahadah' to tokki when he is already pulseless.i was not with him when he about to die since i was being outside informing family members.that was actually the disappointing part.
i realised that even you are a doctor,when something bad happened to your family members,you will not know what should be done to save life.its definitely out of our thats why there were regulations that a doctor can't attend their family members.give to other doctors to treat.

after contacting the person in charge to manage the body (mandi/kafan),we came back to house preparing for 'kenduri tahlil' at night...and waiting for aunties and uncle,cousins to come back.i ate sardin before settling other parts..informed tok mami to bury tokki at masjid putih (he already told me earlier,as if he knews that he will go anytime soon)..

that time,i told mum:

"im so sorry that i could not take care your father, i dont attend him properly at ED"

mum replied:

"its okay,at least you got the opportunity to take care of tokki for at least 6 months and im proud of you"

and we cried together in silence while having lunch with roti sardin..

at 2 PM,again we went to police station and made police report since the doctors cant issue bury permit since cause of death is not we had to make report first,stating that we wont asked the police officer to dig in the grave within 15 days of burial.

done with the report,rushed again to forensic department since they kept the body there.around 4.15 PM the body is ready for burial.the body was brought directly from hospital to masjid 5 PM,after asr prayer,burial done. (tokki specifically told me and tok to do burial immediately,not to wait for the children/grandchildren to come back)

i was given the pledge to shower the grave with 'air bunga' since im the one staying with tok and tokki for the past 6 months (along with other male cousin who stays together )

and im still here missing my HERO..

thank you tokki for keep reminding me the importance of solah

thank you tokki for waiting me coming back from work at night

thank you tokki for letting me staying with you for 6 months

thank you tokki for being a great grandfather to us

i will remember one last advised from tokki:

"cari pasangan yang beriman"
(find a good husband)

im so sorry for not able to take care of you,not being with you when you actually about to leave us that day

and im here taking care of tok as much as i could so that she wont be sad even though i know her memories with you wont be erased

so there goes,the reason why do i really want to work in terengganu,staying far away from my parents since i knew how does it feels staying alone.

when i miss my tokki,i will spend time recite Al fatihah or recite Yassin for him.sometimes i went alone to masjid putih (without tok knowing about it,hehe) visiting him.

*for me,that week was quite che mi (tok's cousin) left us 4 days prior to tokki.and 2 days after tokki leave this world,my patient of 50 years old getting pregnant at that age,just delivered a baby boy through emergency caesarian section,died within 24 days of her confinement.yes,too hard for me to handle.i keep saying to myself,im a strong girl,i cant cry in front of people,this is just a small test for me.

the incident remind me on how our Prophet Muhammad facing the same thing when he lost both of the person he loves (his wife,Siti Khadijah) and his uncle in the same year.

tokki, i can promise you that i will take good care of tok and you will always in my prayer.
in sha Allah ,we will meet in the hereafter.amin.


Sunday, May 18, 2014

May Celebrations


finally I make myself free to update this blog,yes i admit that sometimes when the lazy syndrome comes,i could not resists it existence,haha.please excuse me for that.most of the times after working hours i would feed my stomach first before going to bed,hence there is no time for networking at all.

people will be wondering then what did i do on my off day??


*a doctor can't just give up easily with reading huh??*

reading is actually one of my hobbies (such a nerd lady,aha) actually my obsession.just give me any reading materials and i literally will sit down and i will be definitely in my own world :)

introducing my favourite magazine.a great combo for someone who loves to travel like me!
(thinking when i can travel again!!! working without a break is so stressful)


for me,reading this actually helps me to get out from my routine life everyday...quite a therapy.i subscribed this magazine for 3 years at least along with other 2 magazines (times and health today).
its quite difficult to find reading materials in english in Terengganu..and people here rarely speaks in grammar is almost gone too!well thats why it is really good to practice a language by reading/conversation/writing essay.

May is full of celebrations for the ladies...mothers day/teachers day/labours day and 26yrs old 3 days today.All praise goes to HIM for blessed my life with a lot of beautiful people surrounding me and for giving me a great life.i worked during my birthday,no cake/no celebrations/no surprises...haha,quite a dull day.yes i dont really like to make it like a big day since im not a bimbo girl.a prayer is far more than enough.

i pray for better things will come in the future,being a better person,and for sure saving a lot of money so that i can TRAVEL!!!i just love backpacking :))

birthday means getting older and to make me looks younger,please stick to 360 degree products k :P

*selfie to prove that the product actually works!*

*please excuse my 'tudung senget'*

i have got so many questions from people who are actually wondering what kind of skin product i used to make skin be truth i dont stick to one product and im quite stingy to spend money to take  care of the skin..yup I just use lotions ( variable collection of lotions,dont mention it! i prefer vaseline lotion since my skin is quite dry) and toner if i feel free enough to apply it over the face,most of the times quite lucky since the acne does not grows on the face,it grows at weird places such as earlobe and it spells ANNOYING!!haha..

for mummies out there,practice to drink a lot of soya milk during pregnancy,and your kids will have good skin (like me,ehem..that is what my mum did when she got pregnant for me)..i dont use chemical products a lot such as skin essence or what so ever,i just used 'bedak sejuk' to 'kill' the acne!hehe..and it works for me :)

i dont apply any make up on my face especially while working,i just applied Maybelline smooth foundation cake and sometimes put on lip balm (seriously not in the mood of painting my face early in the morning)..when apply too much make up your face will be looking much older than your real age,that is what i careful ladies,just apply light powder is enough.
*dont be surprise if i said that i dont actually knows how to put on eyeliner..errr*

i just love Maybelline products not just because the brand itself but the purpose just fit with its not oily,small packaging with reasonable there goes 4 stars for my favourite make up brand!

the important tips is,use a product which is suitable for your skin,dont let the brand win over your skin.its your skin and you know how to take care of it .be  SMART when choosing the beauty products.

and remember,dont make your skin only pretty and flawless,make sure your soul to spread a good vibes (beautiful heart) ,soon it will shown on your face okay!

till then,have a good and nice day ahead..


Saturday, January 4, 2014

It's New Year!


its already 2014!new year has come...finally 2013 already wrapped with full moments and memories:))
well,my new year eve always end up with dozing off,so no fireworks sightseeing this year (i believe this gonna be happen in the future too,haha)..came back from work around 1030PM,and its terengganu,definitely no celebration at all,how i wish at least any NGO's do a program for the youth,for example any talks/carnival nearby Batu Buruk beach.

me myself dont stick to any new year resolutions since i learned that everyday we need to renew our intention (niat),try to be a better Muslim each day and thats how our prophet Muhammad encourages us to practice right?

back to december a little while,i finally came back to KL after 5 months (from 23rd till 26th) since i started working in kuala terengganu,what a therapy!!!i came back for a quite big job on my cousin,aisyah's wedding,being the bridesmaids leader!!hahah,what a shame,im already 25,but still being offered for this kind of job :P

i reached BBB (short form we created for bandar baru bangi)  with my grandparents and aunty,staying at my aunty's house near bangi lakehill villa,well you can imagine when 1 whole family members are gathering,definitely havoc!yes,i do really love the moments,helping the aunties decorating 'hantaran',watching how they are so excited welcoming new member to our family,everything made by ourselves,from stitcthing the beads of the bridesmaids dress,packing the door gifts,listing joblists to everyone from ushering the guests,cameraman,parking guys,and so on..well good job and well done!!a big thanks to all the aunties and uncles for being awesome and fully prepared for the function!

here are some pictures during occassion,still have lots more in the collection,some videos already came up but im not sharing it here,may be that one is personal to be shared here:)

and yes i did gave ideas at least how to design the dress,i just saw the design from jovian's collections and show it to the tailor ( the dress was fully sponsored), plus self stitching beads which made the dress looks so fabulous!again,thank you aunties...

for the shawl,my cousins decided the cream colour to match with the dress,i use an indian silk shawl for myself since i felt comfy with that (bought from bangalore)..and one day before the wedding day i bought hairbands (looks like a pearl/beads) ,a simple way to look elegant and pretty!
*i brought along 5 cousins and did shopping at alamanda from morning till evening,woaaa!i grabbed a handbag worth RM 130 after discount,bought a pair of wedges from vincci,perfume from bodyshop God knows how much i shopped,haha*-may be thats the feeling after not going for shopping for a long time!

it was actually a quite long day to plan all these,but the most important is because everyone was into it made the wedding day really smooth sailing.definitely bridesmaids are the most awesome,heheh:))

well,aisyah is the first grand daughter who got married in the family even though im the eldest,one of the closest cousins since we grew up together,sharing laughters and tears in our childhood,sharing the same cooking set when we spend our school holiday at tok's house,wearing the same 'baju kurung' during raya and etc.time flies so fast,and she is already entitled with 'wife'.

wishing both of the newly weds couple,aisyah and her husband izwan 'selamat pengantin baru',may Allah bless you guys and may the relationship ends till jannah.welcome to the new family,izwan.
and yeah,today 4th jan is actually the bride's birthday!happy birthday ecah! *missing her 'teh tarik'*

lastly,happy new year to readers!2014 is a new page for us,so create it in beautiful way,worth to be remembered for long life:)